Outside of computers, one of my more fun hobbies is (extremely) amateur lampworking.

The studio back in Urbana.

I love making flowers! Here's one getting bench annealed.

And here's a finished product! (sold this one unfortunately)

And here's another finished product!

Glass turtle, front and back! Made for an amazing friend of mine :).

Glass chopstick holder in the Japanese style.

Our gorgeous hipster sill; custom glass vases and heart chotskie for my 7th anniversary w Katya!

Dragon eye paperweight! A present for Katya!

Glass snail for my mom: she holds the whole house on her back!

Working in the NY studio.


My dingier studio in NYC.

First 9 Months of Amateur Lampworking in video form!

My attempt at a galaxy pendant.

Some experiments, old.